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Saas Fee, Switzerland

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    Like Zermatt, Saas Fee is car free which means that it has no gas guzzling cars there.
    But this is about skiing isn't it? Suffice it to say that Saas Fee has skiing for all abilities
     from beginner to expert. So the ski area reaches 3600 meters who cares? 
    Beginners can use the village slopes before taking on the higher pistes,
     and those more expert can take in the higher glacier slopes.

    The times they are a changing' Or are they? Here is a resort that truly has not sold out. To the naked eye it still remains virtually unchanged since my first visit to this car - free mountain village about 20 years ago.

    Then I was struck by the strict adherence to the old days in the Swiss mountains; the almost shed - like buildings and the carefully natured structures which were still being used as dwellings and in some cases even businesses. It was a marriage of the old and the new, with the old being every bit as prized and cherished as were the leaps into modern day tourism.

    Dear reader if you were to visit Saas Fee anytime soon I bet that you too would be pleased at this presentation. Little seems to have changed, at least not in my mind's eye anyway.

    Car free in that it has no combustion engine powered vehicles, Saas Fee retains, no, make that delights in its portrayal of typical Swiss village life. It presents itself as a throwback to more tranquil and less aggressive times when it comes to attracting tourists, but as the saying goes, looks can be deceiving.

    Yet, when it comes to being a well turned out tourism destination, no matter what time of year, this dandy little resort is a thoroughly modern millie. It has honed all its edges, polished every facade and treasured every natural asset. And oh what natural assets it has. continue

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