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A pedestrian paradise

Did you know that Crans-Montana has a large choice of winter and summer walks taking you through the resort or up to greater heights?  Are you aware of all the outdoor activities that you can do there?  Did you know that the red buses criss-crossing Crans-Montana are free of charge?  So why not leave your car at home while you're on holiday... The time is ripe to enjoy your stay and improve your well-being in the heart of nature, up on this sunny high plateau with the lowest pollution count in Switzerland.

A deep desire to walk
Crans-Montana has given itself five years to persuade guests and locals alike to leave their cars at home and walk or take public transport.  The resort has been developing a set of measures aimed at enhancing both health and the environment since this autumn.

The idea is to find a solution to encourage people to walk rather than drive, without making it harder to get from one place to another in the resort.  But with new solutions, with areas set aside for people taking the time to walk, with more efficient public transport networks.

It is easy to imagine how, in five years, the numerous paths in the region will be used every single day, children will walk or cycle to school, or take public transport, and the free buses will be full.  The area around Lake Moubra will be a centre for nature and fresh air enjoyed by locals and tourists alike.

Crans-Montana pilot region
This challenge will be met with the help of the Swiss government, which has chosen Crans-Montana from several candidates to implement a pilot project entitled <<Mobility and well-being>>.  This is one of the three parts of the environment and health action plan set up by the Swiss public health office.  At the present time, a hundred or so volunteers are donating their time and effor to complete the entire project plan.  And what will the project cost? Two million francs, financed in equal parts by the Swiss government and the Crans-Montana region.